Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on Open Cheat Tables. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. General Regulations

    1. Abusive Behavior

      1. Abuse and harassment of any kind are not permitted on OpenCheatTables. This includes insults or other personal attacks involving any person's race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.

        • Do NOT incite flame wars and disrupt productivity.

        • Do NOT harass other users after being told to stop.

        • Do NOT personally attack other members of the community.

  2. Member Rights

    1. You as a member will retain all content rights, while we use open source licenses here. You can change the license at any time, and will always retain the right to have your content removed if you choose to do so. One thing to note is content you release under a license will retain that license if already in use by others, this is just how the licenses work and has nothing to do with OCT.

  3. Posted Content

    1. All cheat tables and code posted MUST be done with permission from the author(s) or permission under it's license.

    2. All tables, trainers, and code posted must follow an open source model. By default all posted tables, trainers, and code will use an MIT License based on the date it was posted and the user that posted it, but other open source licenses can be specified. You don't need to include the full license, you can just link to the open source license of your choice. You can change the license at any time, but one thing to note is content you release under a license will retain that license if already in use by others, this is just how the licenses work and has nothing to do with OCT.

  4. Forbidden Content

    1. Do NOT post any NSFW content, i.e. pornographic material, and otherwise explicit content.

    2. Do NOT discuss, contribute, advocate, or provide pirated content of any kind. This includes cheat tables, trainers, and similar apps. Warez is strictly forbidden content.

    3. Do NOT discuss political or religious subjects, there are plenty of other places to discuss this kind of stuff.

    4. Do NOT post links to offsite downloads, we can't moderate offsite content. With the exception of a public git repository, i.e. gitHub, gitLab, or bitBucket.

  5. Single Player and Multiplayer Cheats

    1. Single & Multiplayer Cheats
      Do NOT post any tables, trainers, or code for Online Multiplayer games. And any complaints of griefing/griefers with use of tables will result in them being removed and warnings/bans issued to the poster(s). Lets share something we enjoy and not have an advantage over something others enjoy.

      • Any game that requires Online Service, thereof, must be connected to start, and play.

      • Any game that is an MMO that requires a login to authenticate service.

      • Any game that has Player vs Player competition and/or leaderboards.

      • Any game that stores Server-Sided Inventory or Data that isn't present on your personal cloud service (Steam, Epic).

      Do NOT create or solely use Cheat Tables on Single Player games that can be played online to have an advantage over others.

    2. Anti-Cheat
      Do NOT provide methods to circumvent, manipulate, or bypass any Anti-Cheat, unless game offers Single Player experience. You are fully allowed for educational purposes to show how to get around an Anti-Cheat as long as it is in a controlled environment.

  6. Paywalls

    1. No paywalls, this doesn't follow an open source model. Asking for donations via reputable services (Paypal, Patreon) is fine but putting tables and code behind paywalls is not. This violates the open source nature of the forum. Remember lets guarantee the our in source.

  7. File Attachments

    1. Any Archives MUST be encrypted with a password. Feel free to use your name or "OCTF" (Open Cheat Table Forums). You can make the password clear with the file name, i.e. "someArc.passwd-octf.7z". The encrypted archives are just to stop crawlers from crawling the files and cut down on server resources.

    2. All binary or executable files MUST be placed in an archive or linked to with a public git repository, (i.e. gitHub, gitLab, or bitBucket).