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Post by Seneekikaant »

Start by attaching to the game process and click Enable

Existing pointers are mainly there for discovery purposes
Generated pointers will appear when enabling scripts that support them

Features god mode,unlimited ammo (affects some skills also) and an inventory editor

Inventory editor needs work, I haven't determined for sure if the game is randomly placing items in different offsets, and if the offset placeholder is destroyed upon item count reaching 0.

For example, during testing I came up with this table:

local items = {
  [0x0] = "Villagers",
  [0x1] = "Stone",
  [0x2] = "Scrap Iron",
  [0x3] = "Life Essence",
  [0x4] = "Flame of Hope",
  [0x5] = "Mushrooms",
  [0x9] = "Wood",
  [0x1A] = "Iron Bar",
  [0x1C] = "Emerald",
  [0x1F] = "Steel Bar",
  [0x21] = "Moonsteel Bar",
  [0x23] = "Gold Bar",
  [0x26] = "Coal",
  [0x28] = "Metal Bar",
  [0x2b] = "Moonsteel Ore",
  [0x2e] = "Diamond",
  [0x30] = "Ruby"

and the pointers are generated by this loop:

  for i,v in pairs(items) do
    local initialOffset = string.format("+%X*8+20", i)
    local offsetAddress = {0xBC}
    createMemoryRecord(v, 2, initialOffset, offsetAddress, inventoryHeader)

I'll end up updating this when I figure out the pattern so it can remove redundant entries to stop the table getting too cluttered, but if you're needing to find items that aren't being populated by this, the formula for the pointer is i*8+20 and the offset for the value is "BC"

You can edit the pointer address in the table by changing the value of "i" for instance, if the incorrect value is showing +26*8+20 you can go through any hex number to try finding your item, when found, edit the appropriate entry in the script and it will generate properly the next time you load it.

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License: GPL-3.0
Credits: Seneekikaant (Creator)

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