List of educational youtube channels for game hacking and reversing

A section for guides, manuals, and walkthroughs on how to use Cheat Engine functions and advanced features.

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List of educational youtube channels for game hacking and reversing

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Hello, I have made a list of channels that I hope it can be expanded by others in this thread.

I recommend this [GUIDE] Where to start and what to learn first, as it has some links too and are more detailed in tems of decription.


Let's begin!

Cheat The Game -
If you want to learn assembly the fun way, this is your starting point. Thank you Chris.

Stephen Chapman -
Has a wide variety of tutorials, awesome way to learn assembly and reversing

Tim The Enchanter -
Lots of great CE tutorials and lua, check it out!

Green Eyes -
Amazing high quality videos about game hacking

Learn Game Cheating -
All about cheat engine and live reversing!

FreeER -
Neat lua tutorials and flash actionscript bytecode reversing

Freakfrash -
Has an interesting video about finding the player speed function

Guided Hacking -
Focuses on teaching the basics of many type of cheats, it also covers a few cybersecurity topics (beginner friendly)

Game Hacking Shenanigans -
Has a few beginner tutorials

intigriti -
Has made tutorials for CE and explores various in depth cybersecurity topics

Sethioz -
Lots of demos showcasing what you could achieve if you learn reverse engineering and assembly, also has tutorials

Has a few unique cheat engine tutorials, also covers lua a bit

LiveOverflow -
Cybersecurity expert that teaches foundamentals of reverse engineering, assembly, hacking topics and offers educational content

Cyborg Elf -
His most recent videos are focussed on game hacking

Exploit Academy -
Has made a game exploitation playlist that uses cheat engine, short videos

Hex Murder -
Has a few game hacking videos showcasing the process

shadowthehaloplayer -
Old ce videos, but still valid


Other useful and interesting channels

MattKC -
Has experience in reversing, not focussed on teaching but rather sharing his experience, take a look!

cazz -
Explains and discusses various game hacking topics

Kian Brose -
Hacking and cheating made in an entertaining way, highly recommend

abystus -
Cool demos about freecams

Creel -
All about low level programming, love this guy


Wish you a wonderful learning experience, with the least amount of crashes :mrgreen: (hopefully)

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