[STEAM] Half-Life 2 + Episodes [2023/05]


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[STEAM] Half-Life 2 + Episodes [2023/05]

Post by J1327 »

[Universal build] Half - life 2

This is thing I wanted to try for a while -- to make a universal table for specific game.

For now, table is limited to (SourceEngine 24/Steampipe)

I took notes from last time published table on org. Too bad feedback was in offsite's. I won't track feedback at offsite's because that could be modified cheat table!

Universal thing has its minuses and bonuses I mean cons and pr0s.
[+] Should work on any half-life 2 build. I been testing various half-life 2 builds including "episodes", so at least for vanilla it should work fine. That means as well this table should work on any M0D IF mod is built on SourceE 24 and player base isn't heavy altered...

[*] 60/40. Currently not always getting half-life 2 engine builds (from mods, so far checked build number is always set to be 0). Yet not always this is the case. For example, half-life: new update, has actual build number, while my code looking for "usual" static address which should have built in number -- yet build number value to the static address isn't passed for some reason in that particular aob location...

  • Currently getting wrong offsets in a different half-life 2 engines builds. In particular mods, when new guns are imported into the game or player base is altered.

  • ~ Takes about from 2 to 10 seconds to load address’s in address list yet since it is universal table i think that cost is reasonable. Yet, later, it will be much much slower .CT than is now -- if I push an update to this.

About features... Try features for yourself and leave feedback HERE rather using this table outside of origin.
You can expect some things may be incorrect as I did mentioned before.

Requirements in cheat engine:
VEH..Dll -- I wrote this requirement in case you use custom CE build. Since in coding am using debug (2) and that equals VEH debugging.
Requirements in HL2 Engine game:

Not sure about this but still:
Make compatible with all steam store HL2 mods.

Probably won't because am busy but still as to do list:
Extended to SourceE older engines.
Extended even more to such as Gmod platfrom.
More features such as universal scripts.

No changes. Fixed typo at comments section.
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