[CELUA] J1327 CE Extensions

instead sending each new form as new extension I will combine everything I have wrote under single file.

Place snippets of code and scripts under here to share with others. Archives and .Lua extensions are allowed

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[CELUA] J1327 CE Extensions

Post by J1327 »

Hey there, 👋

If you are a "long term" user of cheat engine this might not be suitable for you,
Because you might already gathered tools what am currently HERE providing...

Most of tools are similar what other people already have released …

Instead releasing one by one as separate tools, merged what I already have made as one ".Big" project. Not everything yet merged.
Lua Script/Extension : Adds various things to cheat engine using celua.

Made everything from scratch without using any built-in cheat engine form tools...

-- adds menu to form remove all breakpoints at once.

Referenced strings:
-- adds menu to export all string reference addresses

Referenced Functions:
-- adds menu to export all function reference addresses

Enum Modules
-- adds menu that can output addresses or symbols to celua or to text file addresses or symbols

-- such as display grid lines...

Free Form X
-- Remake.

-- Check if process has RTTI or is injectable by CE so on

Reopen On crash timer
-- Nothing new. Only merged into this. Only adjusted.

Stepping Hunter
-- Nothing new to it. Only merged into this.

-- Principal is same what already does "Find out what accesses" but instead logs..
-- In some situations, displays better what accesses/writes/reads...

Static addresses form
-- Forgot about this, "Find static addresses" form from Memory viewer form
-- Anyway, adds few menu items and also three new Columns to inspect...

-- Added option to export address from IPT Log to text

-- Added option to export results (text)

Stack trace
-- Added option to export all current stack returns
-- More underway 🐺🐷📺 ...


  1. copy code
  2. paste into main.lua at cheat engine directory (keep default lines, so paste at very end)
    alternatively , drop .lua file in Cheat engines directory "Autorun" folder...
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