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Lua Engine setting extras

Post by bbfox »

Original post by YoucefHam in site
All credit belongs to YoucefHam.


  • Add "LUA Engine" Button next to Memory View button
  • Add items to the Right click menu in the lua engine editor:
    "Font Size": to change the font size of the editor and the output.
    "LuaEngine Editor On Top": Puts the editor on top and the output at the bottom.
    "Clear Output": Clear the output text.
  • Add some functions:
    "clc()": Clear Output.
    "tsprint(...)": it is print(tostring(...)).
    "cprint(Component,'string to filter')": print components, example "cprint(MainForm)" or "cprint(MainForm,'memory')"
    "countPattern(String, pattern)": count how many pattern in String, example "Countpattern('29 87 1C 01 00 00 FF 77 7C', '%x%x')" return 9.

The appearance after button added:



Since site does not allow .zip, .7z, or .lua file types to be posted as attachment, I put it on Pastebin:

How to use:

  • download and save as .lua (i.e. "LUA ENGINE SETTINGS EXTRAS.lua")
  • copy/move the file into "autorun" folder under CE installation directory
  • Restart CE if needed

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