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A section for guides, manuals, and walkthroughs on how to use Cheat Engine functions and advanced features.

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justAfaker CT Info & LUA Scripts

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== Color Style
White = Folder/info/other
Orange = Script
Pink = Script Folder
Blue = Enable-only Script
Green = Pointer/value
Red = Broken/unstable

== Assembly Scripts

  • Open in assembly (Ctrl + Alt + A) and save to table (File → Assign to current cheat table)

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Change PROCESS = ".exe" to name in process list
If using Unity, uncomment LaunchMonoDataCollector()

== Autorun Scripts

  • Save to Cheat Engine autorun directory (C:\Program Files\Cheat Engine 7.4\autorun)

  • Relaunch Cheat Engine

  • Note: Put {$lua} for LUA functions, and end with {$asm}

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getMethodBySignature(className: string OR number, methodName: string, signature: string): any
Use for methods that share the same name. Note: Does not need the full signature, only needs the differences.
Signatures are the value types of the function in the () in Dissect mono. EX: OpenDoor(front: bool, delay: single)
EX: getInventoryMethod = getMethodBySignature("Inventory", ".ctor", "InventoryType, single, single")

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fireMonoMethod(className: string, methodName: string, args: table{any}): any
Easier way to call functions.
EX: valueReturned = fireMonoMethod("SaveManager", "get_playerData", {100, true})

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fireMonoMethodBySignature(className: string, methodName: string, args: table{any}, signature: string): any
Ditto above but with signature.
EX: valueReturned = fireMonoMethodBySignature("SaveManager", "get_playerData", {100, true}, "bool, single")

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