[REQUEST] F1 Manager 2022

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[REQUEST] F1 Manager 2022

Post by xspeed »

Game Name: F1 Manager 2022
Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4
Game Version: 1.13
Steam Website:

Options Required:

  • Get A Billion When Creating A New Design

  • Make All New Designs Cost 0 ( For Cost Cap)

  • Max Development Points.

  • Unlimited Wind Tunnel Hours

  • Unlimited CFD MAU Hours

Race Day

  • Unlimited ERS%

  • Perfect PowerTrain Wear

  • Unlimited Fuel

  • No Tyre Wear

Hello, is anyone able to update the tables for this game? All tables are for version 1.09 and half of the options don't work. The game is currently discounted on Steam, which is why I got interested in it. If not it's ok ;)

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